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Our health and well-being

The Alignment of the Human Body, Mind and Spirit in healing and staying healthy has never been so relevant.


Nature has abundantly provided nutritional balance for our bodies to thrive on which in turn help human bodies to combat disease of the total body system.  The body is a phenomenal and complex system that can assimilate essential nutrients from food to enhance our functional capabilities and increase our longevity.

We have the power to choose to hamper or honour our bodies.  As many people do not have adequate access to healthcare, prevention is key to building immunity and fighting disease. The Covid-19 pandemic taught us to strengthen our health lifestyles.


The choices we make also have profound positive or negative impacts on how our food is grown, delivered to us and consumed.  Our individual actions can have an effect on the well-being of fellow humans on the planet.

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Keeping our bodies healthy

If the Body is likened to that of a car, then it needs fuel to run it, needs servicing, and changing the oil when clogged up. Our body is pretty much the same.  What we eat is what we become.


The correct food is our fuel which will act to stop from clogging arteries, our internal organs from dysfunction, our immune system to protect us from attack.  We need to think about what we eat and we need to sustain our health.

Healthy eating

Plant based diets are on the rise and eating less meat is not just a sustainable choice for the planet but over consumption in our diet can also cause unwanted ill health rising from high cholesteral, fats, heart disease. 

Look for alternatives to foods containing saturated fat such as many biscuits, cakes, pastries, pies, processed meats, commercial burgers, pizza, fried foods, potato chips, crisps and other savoury snacks and added sugars and salt.

Healthy Snack
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Refocussing our minds

If the body is the engine then our mind is the steering wheel deciding whether we hit all the bumps or take another route, choosing the destinations we each want to arrive at happily.  


Or do we stay fixed in deep delusional state, using addictions, unhealthy habits, unhealthy lifestyles, consumer debt, material possessions that add no value or make us feel better.  This may be ok from time to time but over the long term we become what we believe.


Neuroscientists, medical professionals, psychologists, and the pandemics that have forced us into isolation, show that we all value social contact. Family, friendships, love, caring, giving , kindness lead to our sense of happiness.

Discovering our soul

We often think about Soul as being our spiritual selves, something beyond the material being that we are.  


For many it is discovery through teachings of religion, being part of a spiritual community, whilst for others through self -reflection.  


Everyone can lead a way of living our principles and values, discovering who we are, how we want our lives and world to be, and what we can contribute to a greater community beyond ourselves.

Use the Japanese learning on "Ikigai", improve our overall well-being, and explore a life wheel tool.

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