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Group Planting a Tree

Who's it for?

This is for all of us, all age groups, ordinary folks, influencers, corporate, public sector employees, the 3rd sector, community campaigners for transition and future cities across 5 continents.


All of us are direct or indirect consumers, such as young people at home. So how do we make this happen? 


Simple, through using the power of our pockets we can make sustainable and environmental living choices. 

What's in it for me?

Before you start thinking being Green is expensive and time consuming, have a go at practicing the 9R framework in the Concept section and making it a habit.  Who knows it could just save us all some money. 


Start enhancing your quality of life by choosing who you buy from.


Look for products and services that provide solutions to everyone's well-being. Take individual steps and then scale that up to our neighbours and finally our community. That’s already a huge step in getting localized changes going.  


What kind of future environment do you want to live in? This is not about getting it right the whole time, it’s about taking the first few steps and building support.

Crowd Cheering
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