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Story telling is the ancient tradition of passing information from generations past to generations of the future.  


We come across people with great stories to tell, we each have our own. We hear stories, see them as pictures or videos and read stories.  


Stories are around us all the time.  


The stories we tend to remember going through life are the ones that teach us an important lesson.  We may hear it from grandparents, family, school, total strangers or spiritual scriptures.  

What story are


we leaving for


future generations?

Stories are here to make us think and more often than not inspire us to do something different.  If we make a positive difference to our own story then that vibrates out and impacts others.


The story of sustainability is about the inter-connectedness of all of US with PLANET EARTH and all that lives and breathes here.  


As individuals, we may be different in our beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, cultural heritage, language and our access to basic needs. But on a molecular level as humans, we are the same!  Living in Unity and cooperation is illustrated by this story…

Our inter-connected world

Two bundles of reeds. Leaning against each other for support, both bundles thrive.  Because one exists the other does as well.  Remove one bundle the other bundle falls. 


In our own lives we come to understand this when we think about family: they support each other in need.  When one member achieves success the whole family celebrates.


When we realise we are inter-connected and inter - dependent, the thoughts of competition disappears. Giving way to co-operation and living in Unity with our entire world. 

When we let go of separateness and live our lives with compassion, kindness and empathy we develop a sense of connection and unity that not only benefits our own lives but will help heal the world.


So, What’s Your Story?

Image by Alex Sorto
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