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Welcome to Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas, my name is Rita Dutta.


Whilst travelling to many continents, as well as having worked and lived in Europe and Asia, I thought increasingly about how we make choices about what we buy. How can the power of our pocket make a big change?  There are companies out there improving the way they do business and communities finding ways to leave things better. 


When I started looking for environmental solutions I only found books written and directed to sites from more economically wealthier countries. Most were subject specific.  There is a lot of information and changes that we may not all know about.  Just as we are all different people, not all solutions are one fit.


Looking at our lives holistically, a small change in one area and how we choose to spend our money can have a dramatic impact on the planet and people’s lives elsewhere. 

After discussions with teachers I was encouraged to put together helpful links to learning resources for schools and young people. The educational materials featured are all linked to the sustainability issues. The learning resources can all be adapted by schools around the world.


This website does not propose to have all the answers. These are a collection of ideas and information to help think and look elsewhere.  There are many scientists, researchers, individuals and communities working through social enterprise, taking social action, ensuring social inclusion, and finding social innovations. The aim is to bring some of their stories here.  All our individual decisions are interconnected in our increasingly connected world. 


This is a not-for-profit site where I wanted to share ideas by others and on what ordinary people can do around the world. Read some inspiring stories from around the world in the Forum. 

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