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Our money


The power of our pocket is one of the tools that we can use to bring about choice and change in the global economy.


But we need to be vigilant. All our scrutiny can become futile if companies make only minor changes. We as consumers have the ultimate leverage.


By changing our habits, seeking products that highlight good stewardship of our earth's resources, and ethical standards, we can encourage change in those whose practices are contributing to our dying Earth.  

Image by Jason Leung

Spending decisions

We all have choices about why, how and what we purchase and from whom.  


Ethical labels may come and go bit like fashion. But are they following a trend, or are they genuinely making a change at the heart of the business? 

  • Is it easy to decipher their values and purpose?

  • How do they match your own?

  • Do they show how they get there? 

  • Are they leaving things better?


To help us make informed choices about a whole range of financial products that don't damage the environment, there is a wide range of websites for detailed information.

Supporting innovative business 

Innovative businesses in the 2st Century are those whose leaders and teams are visionary.  They understand why they are doing what they do. They have looked at their purpose and values.


 Overall in our emerging sustainablility-driven world, these companies, new and some old, are adapting.  They are finding solutions to humanity’s need to safeguard people and planet while also turning a profit. 

Business Office Meeting
Image by Micheile Henderson

Ethical saving

Environmental audit companies and a whole industry of green businesses consultants have all sprung up to help the corporate and financial world develop ethical and environmentally friendly products.  


A lot can be built onto the good practices started by some.  Many of these steps are voluntary and not mandatory.


Several big corporations are partnering with various certification marks to show they are ready to comply and position themselves as market leaders and game changers.

Investing in sustainable assets 

Investment research company Morningstar found that there is more than $21.4 trillion invested in sustainable global assests of which $13 Trillion is in Europe alone.


There has been a steady trickle over 30 years of alternative investments but all this has accelerated in the past 10 years.  


Younger populations are looking at sustainable investment choices.


Shareholders and Corporate Boards increasingly need to be looking at sustainablility and how they achieve  their triple bottom line which is People, Planet and then Profit.

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