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The concept - try out the 9 R challenge!

We're all used to "reduce, reuse and recycle".

But which other R's can YOU try?

Sustainable lifestyles are things we can do in each area of our lives. We've chosen eight themes in this website to start off with, but each theme is inter-connected with the others.


So one small step will lead to contributing greater sustainable change across other parts of our lives.

 We all buy things everyday. But through the power of our pockets we can make choices that make a difference to people, the planet, and encouraging companies to find new solutions. 


Where can we go to find information about fairly-traded, ethical, organic/natural, or innovative products?

We're sharing some stories about social enterprises, social action, social inclusion, and social innovations.

Here's a challenge to you - which of the other 9 R's below can you include in your life?


Refuse – ask yourself do you need it? Can you do without? Is there a reusable or better replacement existing?


Reduce your habits – requires some pre-planning. Can you combine activities? Can you use/do something less often? Can you produce less waste?


Reuse – look at longevity of items such as paper, reusable plastic containers, shopping bags.


Refill – can you purchase in bulk containers and avoid new packaging?


Repair – can things be repaired for continued use? Who can fix things?


Re-gift – are there items that you have which can be given or made into gifts?


Repurpose – rethink the use of items you may have. Can they be traded online or bought second hand? Can something be redesigned when it comes to its end of life?


Recycle – as the last resort when you have tried everything else.


Resource – look at the life of materials. Are there local places for recycling where the material can be used again for manufacturing? This helps limit looking for new source materials in the manufacturing process.

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