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This is about exercising your voice and using your power as a concerned citizen and consumer asking for change that impacts people planet and profit. We all have a duty to call on policy makers, legislators, producers and service providers to activate solutions to leave things better. 


We can take individual action, at home, school, with other’s at work, in our neighbourhood, friends or in our various interest groups which make up diverse communities.  

It is all about taking simple steps, making use of campaigning tools and having a conversation with people we know…. what things are you doing differently? 

Actions to leave things better/do no harm

Why is Climate Change happening?

What are the current Climate challenges?

What Climate Action can you take?

Take a look at our surroundings, find out what is happening in our world.  

What does climate change mean in your community?

Take a stand on sustainable solutions

With the growth of out of town supermarkets and hypermarkets the high street local shops are beginning to dwindle leading to a demise in numbers of people coming into town or large village centres   However, smaller shops use lower energy, a local grocery shop uses three times less energy than larger supermarkets.  


Buying locally builds a more resilient local economy. More of the money you spend stays in the area, often providing increased local employment, attracting new business, and stimulating growth, feeding into a localized circular economy.


Taking a stand on sustainable solutions leads to balance, justice, fairness and equitable societies around the world.

Weekend Market
Image by Adem AY


Simple things 


you can do

Use technology for good. 

  • Proper use of social media and tech platforms can make a big difference to raising climate change and sustainability awareness for the future.


Guard against apathy

  • Write down what one thing you can do solely for the sake of humanity or the planet in the next month.  Look for the information you need to take your actions.

  • Think of examples of the human spirit, inspiring people to keep you focused. 

  • The important thing is to take the first step, make a start and find out how to do it.


Take action in groups. Build your Tribe.

  • Find people who may have same values or same interests and come from different backgrounds.

  • Get informed, organize groups and spread message about what is happening locally

  • Build a network of people who are not like you. The more diverse and varied the network brings together different views, ideas and experiences that will make things happen.

  • Work with people across generations. This gives insights to perspectives different to people who have same views.

Take climate action!

Harness global connectivity for good

  • Use platforms to exchange ideas and appropriate solutions from around the world

  • Come together in collaboration, form communities and don't be blinded by competition

  • Support or develop Startups bringing solutions to what we need

  • Build a global consciousness to leave our world better


Build information campaigns

  • Make it accessible to everyone. Find the stories and solutions and alternatives lifestyles to build greater sustainability for us all

A young woman talking on the radio

Start by practicing minimalism!

Minimalism is another tool to help create your intentional life, beyond the day to day survival mode. It is about enhancing the things that bring you joy and removing the things that don’t.  


It is a lifestyle philosophy. When it comes to our possessions sift through and see what defines us and reflects our priorities and future vision for ourselves.


Take those first simple steps.  Find one thing to remove from your home and stop bringing In new things.  As you remove your possessions apply the 9Rs to see which one helps to stop adding to the waste pile.

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