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Practice minimalism - what you can do

A common misconcept is that going minimalist is about getting rid of things, or having a decluttering moment.  Well it is more than that.  


Minimalism or living a minimalist lifestyle for many is about reducing distractions in our lives so we can do more of what matters to us.


It is about developing a mindset about how we spend our days and the hours we have.  


What could we be doing that gives us more meaning or purpose in life whilst we are here? Why do we want to go down the road of minimalism.

The life planning cycle

A tool to help think about whether practicing minimalism is helpful is have a go at a life planning cycle.  


Divide your life into the most important areas and set some goals of what you want out of life. Think about what is getting in the way. 

 Can you cut things out? Can you achieve financial freedom without having to earn mega bucks? Do your possessions hold meaning for you? Are things taking up space? Do you use the space you have already effectively? Can you change some habits that are not getting you to where you want? Does your work have meaning for you? Do you get to spend time with important people in your life? Do you have dreams of making a contribution to your community?


Are you prioritising what is important to you?  

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