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What are we asking everyone to do?

We all need to think creatively and do new things.


The Covid-19 years got us all to adapt to many new changes. We experienced less pollution, cleaner environments, appreciation of our natural world, more community spirit, healthier diets, and new technological innovations. 


We've had a glimpse of what new solutions could look like, and what we can all be capable of.


Now we have the opportunity to make these new positive changes normal parts of our future lives.

Work Environment



on change

Our global systems can do things differently.

Cities are changing the way they plan social environments and the way we live.

Companies can adapt products and services, and ways of making them more sustainable.

Many production materials can be sourced sustainably.


Scientists are looking for solutions for the common good.


Consumers are looking for alternatives to unsustainable products and services.

Share the stories of success

Knowledge, science, information and technology are giving us more options.

We are collecting stories about ordinary people with a common purpose of finding solutions for a greener and cleaner world.


These can be consumers, producers, influencers, researchers, educators, corporations, small businesses, communities, leaders and individuals. 


All it takes is self-belief. Become a pebble in a pond. Make ripples that lead to greater change.

Family in Nature
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