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Discovering our soul

Most of us go through life situations with head thinking or logic.  


However we use phrases like “My gut feeling" or "to be honest “ when sometimes faced with difficult decisions.

We often instinctively know if something is right or wrong…we have a feeling.  This is when we are in heart thinking and feeling mode, making reference to our innate values.


Some of these can be;

Humility, Honesty, Compassion, Self-responsibility, Self -belief, Gratitude, Respect, Courage, Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, Empathy, Aspiration, Principals, and Patience.

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Our values

Think about some of the values you live by, what do they mean to you? How do you practice them? How does it guide you in your activities, at home, in your work, in your business or organization?


Our values help us with: 


How we think – thought is behind every action

How we act – skillful actions contribute to a better environment and world

How we relate to others – acknowledging our interdependence can change our perceptions and respect for others and ourselves

How we find meaning – this is dependent on our ability and willingness to explore the unknown  


Since everything is in perpetual change so everything is possible.  When time and events pass we cannot bring them back. Every day we wake up with a clean slate. It means that each day we can start to change.

Explore your Ikigai

Studies on communities in Blue Zones and on longevity in Japan show how people live healthily and live longer.  


Japanese concept of IKIGAI is a way of living. 

 We all have a purpose and we can all find it if we look inwards and ask ourselves; 

What do we love doing? 

What are we good at? 

What can we do as work which gives us enjoyment and focus?

 What can we do for the greater good of our immediate community?

 What does the world need from us?

Video courtesy of "Life of Kotts"

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Improve our well-being

Dr Laurie Santos and Woolsey Hall Yale studies shows we can achieve this through regular efforts in 8 areas


Life Purpose and vision for your future (goalsetting)

Acts of random Kindness

Showing and feeling gratitude

Exercise or keep moving

Social Connections with family, friends, community activities, helping others.

Mindfulness or some form of meditation and being in the present moment.

Time Affluence, having time to do what matters, not simply putting energy into jobs that leaves you feeling you don’t have time for other areas of life.  Time is worth more than money.

Good Sleep to regenerate your cells

The Life Wheel

A Life Wheel typically can include, but not exclusively, the following:


Life purpose, Vision of future dream

Career, personal development, ambition, retirement

Education, learning opportunities

Health and well-being

Creating growth mindset and habits 

Abundance, financial stability

Personal relationships, family, friends

Leisure, travel, adventure

Spiritual balance

Contribution beyond ourselves, to community, to world.


Start with the goal in mind….

Why do you want to achieve the goal?

Who is it you really want to beome?

How satisfied are you with these areas of your life?

What needs to change to increase the level of satisfaction?

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