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Understanding climate change

Forest Trees

Quick facts - did you know?

  • The world’s climate has been getting hotter since 1900. Most of it has been caused by industrialisation around the globe and high pollution levels that impact our Air, Oceans and Land. These all lead to changing weather patterns.  

  • Our world is impacted by extreme temperatures in many countries or high rainfall which cause draughts or floods. We need to reduce our temperature to 1.5c by 2030. This means stop using fossil fuels for industry and everyday living.  

  • Climate change is the defining issue of our time and now is the defining moment to do something about it. There is still time to tackle climate change, but it will require an unprecedented effort from all sectors of society.

Planting a Tree
Forest Trees

What you can do

  • Look at the links to exciting resources below and do some of the following:

  • Test your knowledge with a quiz

  • Look at the 10 simple climate actions everyone can take

  • Adapt the learning resources to your school's culture and context

  • Explore the facts, understand Climate Conferences

  • Organise school debates

  • Apply for student or schoool awards

  • Look up storytelling from countries around the world

  • See a range of teaching materials in multiple languages

​Teaching and learning resources for schools


Here are some exciting resources on climate change from several organisations.  


They may be developed in different countries but adapt them for your students in your part of the world.



Online Quiz on a range of topics by American Museum of Natural History.  


Test your knowledge



World Wild Life Fund in UK have teaching/student resources.

Check out WWF in your own country for more local information

The US site Project Learning Tree has the following resources useful for all around the world



SEED – Sustainability and Environmental Education website have collated links to other learning resources on a variety of topics.



Ten simple climate actions everyone can take.



Learning resources in several languages for adults and youth are available at developed by UNDP



Interclimate network resources has learning materials for older students to explore the facts, understand Climate Conferences, and debate and think of actions for schools



Practical action has materials about regreening the desert and preventing floods that helps to learn about climate change impacts




Get some global perspectives and human stories around Climate Action from the United Nations in the link below.


UNEP (UN Environmental Programme) every year gives awards to Young Champions who have generated innovations to some environmental challenges in their regions. Read their stories for inspiration about what can be done.



Young Reporters for the Environment is a platform for young people aged 11 to 25 to research environmental challenges and tell stories about solutions through reporting, photography and video journalism.  Get involved and express your voice.



Ashden Climate Change Charity gives annual awards to organisations and individuals providing innovative solutions to reducing carbon emissions and providing clean energy. Read some of their stories.

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