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Limiting harmful washing

Many cleaning products, whether for washing clothes or cleaning houses and buildings, contain a number of toxic chemicals.

According to the US Environmental Protection agency the air inside our homes could be 2-5 times more harmful than the air outside. In some extreme cases it can rise to 100 times more harmful due to a mixture of pesticides and household cleaners.

So what can we do about reducing and replacing them with non-toxic alternatives?


What you can do

Avoid the worst chemicals in laundry detergents


Research alternative non-toxic, plant-based and natural household cleaners and green laundry detergents.


Look for websites in your specific country or region, but here's an example of a website that helps to know what to look out for:

What others have done

The easiest way to avoid toxic chemicals in detergents is to make your own from natural ingredients.

Click on "Find out more" below for a video showing you some handy and easy tips for making your own at home.

Natural Thermal Waters
Cleaning Supplies

A checklist

If you don't have the option to make your own, look for detergents that don’t contain enzymes and phosphates, main polluters of water.  


Picking Green is better than doing nothing. 

Call for change

Go for greener brand alternatives, check the packaging for some clues.  


Green symbols on products can vary depending on which country and the relevant standardization regulatory bodies. Some are more stringent than others.  


 You can always write to the manufacturer for clarification.  Remember as a customer you are an important stakeholder.  If they fail to respond or you’re not happy, switch and tell others.

Sanitizing Products
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