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Sustainable building materials

Every year on a global scale a construction industries consume 3 billion tons of raw material.  


This is no longer sustainable since non renewable material have led to damaging environmental impacts. 


Instead builders are looking at some alternative solutions to concrete.

Building Homes

What you can do

Consider using the following new products in your construction


Recycled Plastic – with a lifespan of 30-50 years it's durable as a long-lasting building material.


Hempcrete – durable and long-lasting material made from hempwood, water and lime.


Grasscrete - involves layering concrete flooring which allows grass and plants to grow. This makes a bio-filter and improves storm water absorption.


Sustainably sourced wood - absorbs CO2 and takes less energy in processing materials.


Bamboo - since this is cheap and easy to grow quickly bamboo is considered as a durable and sustainable material.

What others have done

Try new building materials

Papercrete – a type of industrial strength papier mache made with waste paper and cardboard, using course or fine aggregate like sand and cement with water to bind and strengthen papercrete. 


It is inexpensive, requires low tech, and is good for heat and sound insulation. Since it is a new product using waste materials this is still experimental and does have limitations used alone.

Building a Table
Pebble Walkway

A checklist

Research green building materials

Call for change

When constructing or refurbishing buildings think about what makes them "green" and "sustainable" - challenge yourself and your builders to use a "building fabric first approach".

Building a House
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