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Responsible tourism - what you can do

Use environmental/sustainability conscious tours and operators which offer specialist travel, leisure and adventure, such as wildlife, nature, conservation, art and culture, local cuisine, volunteering holidays (voluntourism), that contribute to local livelihoods through partnering with social enterprises.  


Check their modes of travel to destinations.

Use sustainability conscious tour operators

The Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism (SST”) is a not-for-profit founded by leading tour operators.  They support projects worldwide and in Switzerland that work to improve local livelihoods of travel destinations, promote intercultural understanding between travelers and their hosts, and contribute to sustainable tourism development in those countries.

An example of "Responsible Travel"

Here's a tourism operator based in the UK offers conservation volunteering.  They advocate for more responsible travel decisions through online content and organising sustainable and ethical holiday packages. 

One example was to arrange for individuals to volunteer at a conservation organisation in Belize.

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