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Creating happy communities

Here are some inspiring stories!


Find out about



Blue Zones

Find out about communities around the world who are creating balance and harmony.

The inspiring story of Okere Mom

In Northern Uganda in the village of Okere Mom – Kok the villagers have been regenerating their land and community in an area previously ravaged by war.


When lives and surroundings have been decimated by war, those left behind naturally come together and find their resilience. Once people saw and understoond how changes to their living environment benefit the common good, they became invested in outcomes of change.


The community Okero City project, lead by Ojok Okello, has recreated and reinvigorated their destroyed village into a thriving township.  Although Okello left, graduated from London School of Economics, and went on to work in development, he soon learnt that success and change comes from engagement and direct participation of people on the ground. 

Creating greener future cities

See what other cities are doing to become sustainable and call on your own city to follow these inspiring examples!

Individuals, local communities and local interest groups, working in partnership with local government and businesses, can all play vital roles to improve the living environment.

See the inspiring "Toptruths" video opposite.

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