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These are things used every day for carrying a whole number of things.

Traditionally, before the advent of plastic, societies across the globe have always used a variety of natural products available in their area. These included leaves, vegetation products woven into containers, plates, and bags to carry produce. Many communities across the globe continue these traditional practices.

In the urbanised modern world, we need to rethink and minimise the way we use containers that do no harm.

Here are ways of using some of the 9 R's!

Zero Waste Shop

What you can do

Find or set up Zero Waste shops!

What others have done

Refill your containers!

Zero waste shops are getting more and more popular.

Here's an amazing mobile refillery! If there isn't one in your neighbourhood why not set one up!

Sanitizing Products
Spice Store

A checklist

Alternative to Plastics Other Containers

 What traditional materials or containers are used in your region of the world?


Stainless Steel

This is durable, long lasting and easy to clean.  In many South Asian countries these are containers of choice, for storing dry goods in the kitchen, reusable food containers, tiffin carriers for food take outs or packing lunches, and using for water and beverages.


Bamboo tableware

 Since bamboo is renewable, lightweight, durable and compostable, replace it for tableware items instead of plastic. It is used as food containers, serving bowls and cooking appliances across many East Asian countries.


Upcycle Glass Jars

Glass is inert, inexpensive and infinitely recyclable.  Shop for food packaged in glass. Use the empties for dry food storage, keeping leftovers, refilling, serving drinks, or repurposed for homemade gifts.


Platinum Silicone

Made from sand, food grade platinum silicon is durable and heat tolerant that can be used to for cooking and baking. Find food coverings instead of using plastic wraps or foil for baking.


Bees wax – coated cloth

Can replace plastic wrap and bags.  They are easy to clean.


Packaging Alternatives – going natural

Several companies have looked to biomimicry to find natural alternatives to packaging.

Depending on the different regions across the globe look for traditional alternatives grown locally.

Call for change

Look for, and ask your local restaurants and suppliers to use:

Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable take out containers

Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging designs as part of their thrust to become socially responsible business operators

Your own refillable containers

Join local to global campaigns - here's a pledge you can take and join others to reduce packaging waste:

Image by Marcell Viragh
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